6 Reasons NOT to Be on Google Plus

1. You’re Already On Twitter & Facebook & You Don’t NEED Another Network
You already have plenty of Twitter and Facebook followers. And besides, Google+ is just too dang confusing.

But wait a minute, Google+ is more than just a social network – it’s Plus, Google Search, YouTube, and more, all rolled into one. It’s called “Social Search”. source: Social Media Examiner. That means what you post on Google+ also affects your Google Search activity. But that doesn’t matter if . . .

2. You Don’t Use Google to Search
Maybe you use Bing. Or Yahoo. Maybe you don’t use Google to search. Okay, fine. But what about your readers? Isn’t it just possible that some of them use Google search? After all, there are 2 billion searches and about 300 million people who use Google search daily. source: WikiAnswers. Some of those might be your readers and some are probably bloggers. But that doesn’t matter if . . .

3. You Don’t Like Networking With Other Bloggers
It’s your blog – your own little piece of the world wide web. You blog for you. Most of us bloggers would agree with that. However, if you are the one blogger who doesn’t cherish comments from readers or delight in seeing what your fellow bloggers are up to, then Google+ isn’t for you.

But if you DO like seeing what your online friends are doing, Google+ makes it simple because it’s linked to Google Search.

One quick click in Google Search “Images” and all of your Google+ friends’ projects pop up. Pretty cool, huh? That is, if you like seeing what projects your fellow bloggers are doing.

But maybe you like seeing every project. Maybe, when you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you like being bombarded by everyone. Maybe . . .

4. You Like Reading EVERYONE’s Feed
Do you? Do you have the time to sit and wade through all of the comments, mentions, YouTube links and whatevs in your feed? Or do you want to get right to your friend’s posts, or family, or crafters, or fellow crochet buffs, or photography, or, or, or?

Or, you can just create circles for those interests and quickly see the feed for each one. What are my fellow painters up to? Click. Is there anything new going on in social media? Click. Or how about, did I miss anything in the news today? Click.

Simple. Easy. Quick. You can easily see the feeds of circles and comment or +1 them. +1?!? You know, that little white button that turns red if you click it and it’s beginning to pop up all over?

Another button to click? Phooey. So what’s the big deal?

5. You Don’t Need the +1 Button; The Facebook ‘Like’ Button is Enough
Let’s think about this now. You press FB’s ‘Like’ button and what happens? A couple of things – the blog or brand you ‘liked’ gets another follower, which is great, and YOU get their updates in your feed. Yay! More updates to weed through.

Oh, of course, you can use Facebook’s new ‘Subscribe’ option but if you ‘like’ someone, you are still increasing your feed.

So what happens if you click the +1 button? Do you add that blog or brand to your feed? No. So why do it? Well, the Social Media Examiner’s post 8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site notes Google’s Laura Kelley said that +1 and Google+ pages for brands will become a significant ranking factor for Google searches.

So if you +1 someone you are actually helping their Google ranking. Which also means if they +1 your blog post, they are increasing your Google search ranking. Um, yeah. It’s a big deal.

Still think you shouldn’t be on Google+? If your blog isn’t as big as you’d like it to be here’s one more thing to think about – right now Google+ is a ‘small pond’, unlike Facebook or Twitter. To put this into perspective, imagine if you were on Facebook or Twitter six years ago and built your following then. Imagine the online presence you would’ve had. You have the same opportunity with Google+ now.

Google+ is more of a ‘level playing field’ right now. But it’s growing. Fast. Of course, that doesn’t matter if . . .

6. You Don’t Want Opportunities with Brands
If you blog purely for your own enjoyment and you have no interest in monetizing, then working with brands won’t interest you. But, as a creative blogger, let’s say you just used some products from +Lowe’s and you want to tag them. In Facebook, Lowe’s has +1 million followers. In Google+ they have just over 40k. You stand a better chance of interacting with them on Google+, don’t you think?

While not all brands are on Google+ (just like creative bloggers!), that’s actually a good thing. If you catch a brand when they’ve just signed on, you can have some great interactions with them. And more and more brands are joining Google+ every day.

Maybe you still agree with these reasons not to be on Google+. That’s fine. I get it. I’ve heard it all. Google+? It’s too confusing. I don’t get it. I don’t have time. Google is a bully. They took away ‘my’ Picnik!

Ah, yes. The Picnik *issue*. Well, I have to agree with everyone on this point. Google does own Picnik and in a couple of weeks Picnik won’t be available except on Google+ with the Creative Kit. Boo. No, it’s not the same. Not even close, I know.

But while we are all finding Picnik-substitutes, Google+ still offers this photo editing feature that Facebook and Twitter don’t have. Of course, as bloggers, it’s pretty rare that we load a SOOC pic, but if we ever want to, the Creative Kit is available.

But that probably won’t happen. And you really don’t have time for more social media. And you can always use Yahoo for searching and you don’t need to network with other bloggers and you don’t care about your blogs’ ranking on Google. Right?

Hmm . . . It just might be time to stop treating Google+ like the ugly stepsister and rethink your invitation to the ‘Google Ball’.

If you’re on Google+ and you’d like more Google+ followers, add your Google + profile URL in the comment section. I’ll put everyone in a Circle and share the circle with you. I’ll start with my Google+ profile.

Colleen Jorgensen blogs at Just Paint It and is a self-taught artist, decorator and writer. For the past 15 years she has painted murals and painted tapestries for homes and businesses in Northern California. Colleen is the author of Google + For Creative Bloggers and is currently writing The Google + Handbook for Creative Bloggers, an e-book to be released this summer.
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42 Responses to “6 Reasons NOT to Be on Google Plus”

  1. oh man!!! i was sooo hoping that this article was really about how i DO NOT need to worry about google +!!! you got me!! ok, really, though, you did. i need to start working some mojo on google+ especially as i rebrand and re-launch my blog this month from SeriouslyAHomemaker to AngieintheTHICKofIt. for that matter, here I am on google+ :

    would love some tutorials on how to maximize this platform!!!

    • Hi Angie! It might take a few weeks before you see a boost from Google+, but you’ll see one!

      That’s a great idea – tutorials on maximizing G+. It’s taken me so long to just go thru the basics! Here’s a good article that’s fairly recent:

      I’ll share the Crafter Minds circle with you this morning so you’ll have a fun stream to read and share with. Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

    • Sherry Brumit says:

      I know you wrote this quite awhile back, so my question now is: Are you still happy with G+? Are the pluses above the same now? I’m very new to the whole G+ thing and I’ve heard so much negativity about the privacy issue. I’m confused!

      • MuralMaker says:

        Sherry, I’m more happy with Google+ now than ever. There are so many great features, particularly for bloggers.

        I haven’t heard anything about privacy issues with Google+. Facebook, yes, but not Google+. Can you tell me what you’ve heard?

  2. Cyn says:

    Love it! You raise excellent points. You are the Google+ Queen!

  3. This article wasn’t what I was expecting and I’m glad (great title!)! I really need to start utilizing Google+ more. At this point, I click share when I put a new post up and that is it. I never pop over and see what else is going on and I really need to start interacting more. Great food for thought. Here’s my profile (I think!)

    • Well, that’s how we all started with Twitter & Facebook, isn’t it? Just post a link and see what’s going on then move on? The difference w/Google+ is you can set up your circles to see interesting feeds, which I LOVE. And it might surprise you, the convos that get started on other feeds. It’s been fun for me.

      I’ll share the Crafter Minds circle with you later this morning 🙂

  4. Chrissy says:

    Thank you!! After reading more about Google+ I think it could be one of the biggest traffic generators available! Great post!!
    Here’s my profile:

  5. Ashley says:

    I definitely need to rethink my invitation to the Google ball for sure. Great article. Here is my info:

  6. Jenny says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this post! I was just talking to a fellow blogger about Google+ and we were both on the same page, why do it? What can it do for me, and why spend the time using Google+? Brilliant Post, thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Jenny! You are SO welcome! You know, I’ve said that Google hasn’t done a real great job at making Google+ attractive to creative bloggers. And that’s unfortunate, imo. There are so many great features! I just plug along with them, and then share as I figure each one out.

      Thanks for leaving your comment and g+ profile!

  7. Love this post! I’ve been on Google+ for a few months and am really starting to like it better than FACEBOOK! {gasp!}

    • Ha ha, Rebecca! I won’t tell anyone! But I’m with you, as far as liking G+ better than Facebook. While more of my ‘friends’ are on FB, it’s so much easier to see what they’re up to on G+!

      I’m a Circle ‘freak’. I have over 31 circles – friends, family, Crafter Minds, home blogs, mom blogs, etc., etc., etc. I can quickly ‘see’ my circles and I absolutely love it! Hope you will too!

  8. Ok, you convinced me. I’ve put off looking into it, but I just made my profile. Thank you!!

    • Hi Melissa! Your profile looks awesome! That’s my #1 thing to do first on Google+ – make your mini profile. Makes it so much quicker and easier for people to follow you.

      Feel free to ask any questions about Google+. Of course, I’d love to hear any ‘success’ stories too, ha ha 🙂

      I’ll share the Crafter Minds circle later today, ok?

  9. Amy* says:

    Oh you got me too! I’ve just spent the past hour trying to figure Google + out after reading your post…still confused…I’m anxiously anticipating your book!

  10. Natalie says:

    You do know about PicMonkey, right? I am so excited about it- I just wish they’d get collages working! I need to get into Google +. I need to do a lot of other things. Each in its own time, right? I’ll get there. You give excellent reasons to put it higher on the list- thanks!

    • I love PicMonkey! If they’d add collages, it’d be near-perfect. I’ve been working on a photo editing comparison post for-evah, it seems. Still don’t have it all together. But with April 19th coming closer, I need to get ‘er done 🙂

      Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it so much.

  11. Colleen – I totally love this article! So cleverly written! 🙂

  12. I was all ready to react in shock and indignation to that title, but you suckered me in too! Here’s my blog’s page:
    (which I need to work on!)

    And here’s just me:

  13. Aaaalright, you fooled me, too. Thanks 🙂
    I tried to build a Google+ page, but I got so confused after switching between my profiles that I’ll simply stick with my personal profile…
    here you go 🙂

  14. I’ve been trying to give google+ a chance, but it’s more than my little brain can handle!

  15. I’ve been clumsily stumbling through the Google+ since January, and I’ve been discouraged by it, as I have no friends! (Okay, 8 – but that’s it). I was fooled by your post, but it is so true! So I will keep plugging away at it until more jump on the bandwagon! Thank you for this post ~ as I will be more generous with the +’s as well as checking it out more often!

  16. Maybe I missed this somewhere…

    When I look at a list of who is following someones circles (mostly to see if there is someone I might like to follow from that list) why do some of them say {follow} and some do not have the option? Is that because they are private pages and not “fan” or blog/business page? Do you know what I mean…I am having a hard time describing it because I find the whole thing totally confusing! I agree totally that it is a good time to start because not that many people are using it…you might get more attention!

    My page..


    • Hi Susan, I’m so sorry it took me this long to get back to you. But to answer your question, you are right. If you are on G+ as a blog page you can NOT follow people/brands who have not followed you first.

      Hopefully we can get everyone in the Crafter Minds circle to follow each other, which will really help blog pages.

      btw, I’ll share the Crafter Minds circle with you in a few minutes!

  17. Colleen, I just stumbled on this article today….perfect timing. Your post is on point and well written!
    I’ve been using Facebook to promote my blog posts. When I started, I got a ton of support and likes from family and friends. Now a few loyal people like each one (thanks mom:) but other than that it’s seriously dwindled. I can see the hits on my blog from FB, so I know people are still checking them out, but I can understand how the feed back would eventually collapse in that forum….how many times does my cousin really want to tell me how great I am, lol.
    Truth be told…my blog is growing up, and I need to meet people outside of my friends and family that really do share my interest. Google+ is just that and the perfect place to expand and connect with those that are in my ‘virtual’ peer group.
    I’m on my way, and looking to network:) Here’s my url:
    Thanks Colleen

    • Please forgive me, Shelley, for the delay in responding to this. I just added you to the Crafter Minds circle and I’ll share that with you in a few minutes on Google+.

      A great place to network with like-minded bloggers is at Crafter Minds Twitter chats, every Monday at 4 pm est. Use #crafterminds to find us. Each week is a different topic and it’s a great group of knowledgeable and support bloggers!

      Feel free to contact me with any G+ questions and I’ll do my best to find the answer for you 🙂

  18. I found this through pinterest and love it! I loved google+ from the get-go and am glad to see others like it too! I’d love to be added

  19. Carmel says:

    So where is the plus one button? I’ve only just found your website – off to check you out on other social networks 🙂

    I’m on Google+, you can find me here:

  20. I am just starting to work with Google+ a little bit more. It is daunting to add another network to manage but I think, in the long run, it will be definitely be worth it. Your tips make that belief a whole lot stronger too.

    I can be found on Google+ at

  21. Becky says:

    Google+ confused… I will be checking out your tips right away.

  22. Samantha says:

    Great article- you got my attention! I don’t know why Google+ seems so confusing. I am posting on it now, but I need to spend more time figuring it out. I agree, it is new, so now is the time to get on! Here is the link to my profile:

    I would love to see more posts about using Google+!


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