All About Ad Networks

all about ad networks

Once your blog starts to get established, it’s time to think about making money, or monetizing. Even if you just blog for fun (and most of us started out that way), you still want to be aware of the ways you can bring in some extra cash with your blog. One of the primary ways to make money with your blog is with advertising. The easiest way to work with ads is through an Ad Network.

Ad networks are businesses that are basically the middle-man between Advertisers (the company with something to sell) and Publishers (bloggers). Ad networks make it easy for bloggers to get started immediately with ads, without having to find advertisers or deal with ad sales.

Our #crafterminds chat today was about Ad Networks. If you’d like to join us in the future, we chat every Monday at 4pm Eastern on Twitter. More details about the chat are on our sidebar.

Here are some tidbits from today’s chat, or scroll all the way down the post for the full transcript.

Stuff to Know about Ad Networks:

  • Ad Networks are companies that help get those attractive sidebar ads on your blog!
  • Ad networks are a very important piece in the puzzle of making money with your blog.
  • I make most of my money during the year (from my blog) with Ad Networks
  • How much you make with an ad network depends heavily on your blog’s traffic
  • The way most traditional ad networks calculate payment, is CPM, which stands for “cost per 1000” impressions.
  • Therefore, a $1 CPM would give you $1 when your ad has been served 1000 times.
  • If you get low traffic, having ads on your blog might not be worth it. It wasn’t for me for at least a year.
  • RT @thezenofmaking “Above the fold” just means that you see the add without having to scroll down on the screen.
  • “Backfill” is when you have 2 ad networks – if the 1st one doesn’t have any ad inventory, it fills in with your 2nd.
  • Just figure how many pageviews you have per month & if you think a $1 CPM would be worth it. 5000 pv=$5-15/mo
  • Smaller bloggers might do better with sponsored posts, btw
  • Ad networks: Google Adsense (of course!), BlogHer, Glam, Technorati, Rivit, Haven Home, Clever Girls/Federated Media
  • A good number of ads to have on one page is 3. More than that = VEGAS
  • If you want to sell your own ads (on a wordpress blog), I recommend WP Plugin AdRotate.
  • There ARE other types of ads (besides CPM). CPA = cost per action (action is signing up for something, etc)
  • CPC= Cost per click
  • If you are discouraged about your Adsense rate, just know it goes up as Adsense “learns” what works on your blog
  • Ad Networks are great because you don’t have to do much to start reaping the benefits
  • RT @modpodgerocks: If you use AdSense, make sure to turn off categories that you dont like (for me, dating, politics, etc)
  • Be VERY judicious of agreeing to popup or rollover, autoplay ads.
  • Most ad networks only let you backfill with Adsense
  • Reason I love Adsense: They are consistent, pay on time, make it easy.
  • Don’t feel guilty for monetizing your blog, but just be mindful of the ways you monetize.
  • You shouldn’t feel guilty for having ads on your blog, tho it might take a bit of getting used to once you start.
  • It might help to write a post about “why I’m putting ads on the blog” when you decide to do it. Readers will appreciate.

photo: Doug88888

04 16 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

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