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Maintaining an effective Facebook fan page can be a full-time gig, especially with the gigantic changes that came with the rollout of Facebook Timeline. Today at our weekly #crafterminds Twitter chat, we talked about Facebook Timeline, and how to have a great FB fan page. Join us every Monday at 4pm eastern on Twitter for a fun and informative chat all about the art of blogging.

facebook cover photo

facebook infographic - more info at Jon Loomer

This cover image guideline is part of a larger infographic found at Dimensions for Facebook Timeline

Tips for having a great cover photo for Facebook Timeline:

  • Choose a strong, vibrant photo or a few of your most popular photos to collage together
  • Don’t try to include too much info on your header
  • People should not have to decode the header. Let them hit the page, understand the header immediately, and scroll down
  • No calls to action (such as “Like us!”), urls, or other advertisements in headers
  • Leave your logo out and include it as your profile picture

Here’s the full chat transcript:

 04 30 2012 Crafterminds Transcript

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2 Responses to “Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages”

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve heard that fan pages are being shut down without any warning whatsoever and DELETED, losing ALL fans because of violations to this timeline policies. I played it safe and just used photos!

  2. I think it’s also good to bear in mind that it appears that Facebook converts all uploaded images to a medium to low quality jpg, so pngs and gifs won’t look nice anywhere on Facebook. Kind of a bummer and I wish they would change that!


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