Make Money Blogging: Affiliate Marketing

On Monday, our weekly #crafterminds twitter chat we started off what will be several weeks of talking about making money blogging with a chat about Affiliate Marketing. Not everyone wants to make money on their blog. Not everyone will be successful at making money on their blog. Not everyone finds the same kind of success when monetizing their blog.

If you are interested in making money blogging, affiliate links are one way to go. Here are some of the things we learned in our Twitter chat:

  • Affiliate programs are created by merchants (online stores, etc) – they give you a small percentage for referring your readers. You get credit for referrals by using special links that track your readers from clicking the link on your site through making a purchase on the brand’s site. Some affiliate programs use a special coupon code that connects a purchase back to you.
  • Whereas ad networks like Google pay you per ad impression, affiliate programs only pay if your reader makes a purchase. However, the payout per purchase may be higher.
  • Affiliate links are a natural fit for craft and DIY bloggers, because we can fit the links in with the materials lists we already include in our tutorial and how-to posts.
  • You can use affiliate links on text, as graphics and banners and even product specific images – there are lots of choices!
  • Affiliate programs are not available in all states and countries. Check your local laws or ask the affiliate program you are registering with to learn which laws apply to you.
  • Some affiliate programs mentioned during the chat were: Amazon, Commission Junction, Share-a-sale, Escalate, Pepperjam, Google Affiliate Network, Walmart, Joann Fabrics, and Create for Less. Ask your favorite bloggy friends to find out which ones they like working with. Also, look at the bottom of the websites for your favorite stores and products to see if they offer affiliate programs.
  • When using affiliate links, it is always important to disclose properly. Several bloggers mentioned they like for ease of use.
  • If you tweet an affiliate link, it is good to use the hashtag #aff or #ad to identify the link as an affiliate link.
  • If you are going to use affiliate links, be sure to balance making money with offering great content!


Check out the full chat re-cap below:


The content provided in this post is based on the information shared in our twitter chat. Crafterminds is not endorsing or promoting any specific affiliate program. As with all information you find online, it is important that you check current laws in your state or country and verify how accurate and current the information is before applying what you learn to your own site.

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