Make Money Blogging: Selling Stuff

We had a great twitter chat today on selling stuff on your blog. More than opening up an Etsy store, there are lots of ways that your creativity and hard work can contribute to your household income. Here are some notes from the chat, as well as a full transcript in case you missed anything!

lemonade for sale

Ideas for selling “stuff” on your blog, or with your blog:

  • Promote your online store on your blog
  • Creating kits of your tutorials
  • Selling items you’ve made and shown off on your blog, like samples made for tutorials


Passive sales:

  • Sell digital downloads – e-books, e-patterns, or printables
  • Have a link to a digital store – Zazzle, SmugMug, CafePress etc.
  • Designing and selling Spoonflower fabric


Options for online stores include Etsy and Store Envy. Options for selling digital downloads include e-junkie and DigiOh.

If you have items for sale, promote them on your blog!
Add a widget to the sidebar
Promote in Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Put an ad to your shop at the bottom of your posts
Feature your own products in blog posts monthly
If you sell craft supplies, do projects featuring them to give people ideas

Reasons to share your shop on your blog:
You have a built-in platform for promotion
Your readers probably are interested
It’s your platform – use it for YOU

Ideas for your online shop:
Consider throwing in little “gifties” with purchase – candy, trinkets, etc
Make sure to include your business card in the package
Presentation is important – dress up your shipping!
A hand-written thank-you note can go a long way

How do you price your products?
Remember: people shouldn’t expect to pay less for handmade
A basic formula is (Time + material) x 3 = retail
Pricing formula does not always work. Geography, economics all have to factor in. It’s what the market will bear
Whatever you price your retail at, if you ever go wholesale, expectation will be that it’s 50% of retail

Educate yourself on images before using them.
A lot of people have limits to the # of things you can sell with their designs before they charge you.
If you use other people’s artwork in your handmade items, you NEED to know their angel policy.
This is an example of an angel policy from ProvoCraft – selling designs made with Cricut

Selling stuff on your blog isn’t for everyone, but it is worth thinking about! If you’re considering it, but don’t know what to sell, one way to decide is to hit Pinterest to see which of your blog projects get pinned the most.


04 23 2012 Crafterminds Transcript


The content provided in this post is based on the information shared in our twitter chat. Crafterminds is not endorsing or promoting any specific website or program. As with all information you find online, it is important that you check current laws in your state or country and verify how accurate and current the information is before applying what you learn to your own site or online shop.

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