Secrets to Grow Your Blog Magically Overnight

Mae's "Beanstalk"

Photo: Mae’s “Beanstalk” by Tony Crider, on Flickr


What is the secret to creating a HUGE blog?

How can you grow your blog quickly?

These are common questions and hot topics, especially among new bloggers. People want to grow their blog fast and they are eager to make money doing it.

I’m sorry if the title of this post mislead you a little. Were you looking for a quick solution? I hate to burst anyone’s bubble – and I mean this in the nicest way – but growing your blog is NOT easy!

Getting tons of followers, sponsors and pageviews does NOT happen overnight. There is no magic pack of beans (or legumes) that will rapidly escalate your blog skyward. Growing your blog is like planting a big garden or running a farm. It takes time, planning and dedication.

Disclosure: I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and my own blog has seen only slow (but steady) growth. I aspire to be a ‘big’ blogger one day, but I know that it will take time and dedication. I tell myself all the time that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.

So, what can we do today to help our blog grow?

In my opinion, as both a blogger and blog reader, there are a few tips to consider.  And… these hints are not  secrets. They are tried and true methods for growth.  (But feel free to pin this graphic to spread the word so other curious folks can learn, too!)


beanstalk grow your blog



The 10 (Secret?) Ways to Grow Your Blog:

1. Blog about a topic you love with your whole heart.

True enthusiasm is hard to fake.  People read between the lines. They can tell if you enjoy talking about your subject matter. Love what you write about and shout it from the (blog) rooftops. It will bring life to your words and attract others that share your crafty obsessions.

Plus, that eagerness is valuable for generating post ideas.  You will always have something to say when you are passionate about the subject.

2. Give your readers awesome content.

Great photos, clear writing, compelling stories and innovative ideas. These are things that will keep your readers coming back for more. And they will tell their friends how much they love your blog. And their friends will tell other friends. Organic word-of-mouth communication and link backs are blogging GOLD for growth! Give people something great to share with others!

3. Engage and build your community.

Interact with your readers and fellow bloggers via comments and social media networks. Link arms with bloggers of a similar size/scope. Learn and grow together. Leave genuine and sincere comments on other blogs (for tips on comments, I love the commenting 101 series at Serenity Now). Link parties are great to join, but be thoughtful in your approach (for tips on how to politely navigate link parties, read this post on being a great link party guest and this one on hosting a link party).  And in all your interactions: be kind, considerate and courteous of others. Good manners go a looong way in bloggyland!

4. Write useful content.

5. Craft inspiring content.
6. Produce original content.
7. Provide consistent content.
8. Create a library of content.
9. Share personal content.

10. Create. great. content.

 Notice a theme here?


Sure, it helps to leave comments on other blogs, max out your SEO, engage in social media, link up to link parties, write guest posts and submit your posts to bigger feature sites.

These methods expand your reach, promote your post and will bring people to your blog.

But ask yourself… what is going to keep readers coming back once they get to your blogAside from a clean and neat blog design,  it is your content!

We already reviewed how to generate blog traffic in this forum and to make sure you post stellar content. But it helps to hear it again…

There is no magic bean or solution to growing your blog. But building your site on solid content can be the foundation for greatness in the long run.


Jack & the beanstalk 2.0

Photo: Jack & the beanstalk 2.0 by ïCliff, on Flickr

 Take a minute today and check out your favorite, popular bloggers. One thing that should stand out to you is depth and number of their posts! They have a rich library of information and stories to share with their readers. And that content did not show up overnight. It took many months to many years to develop!

(This principle holds true for their thousands of followers… it takes time to build a blog community, too!)

Try to avoid comparing your blog to others… It is important to remember that we are all at a different stages of blogging (and life!).

Many of us hope that our blog could grow up to be a “big” blog some day. In the meantime, we can enjoy being a small blogger and focus on the basics: continue to create great content and  engage our community. (and p.s. have fun!!)


Shannon spends her days worrying about drug interactions and her nights avoiding glue gun burns. She craves simple and elegant solutions for her home, along with a little chocolate!  Shannon enjoys blogging at Madigan Made where she shares easy crafts, DIY décor and much more.
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27 Responses to “Secrets to Grow Your Blog Magically Overnight”

  1. Kristin says:

    Right, it’s a marathon not a sprint. I might need that tattooed to the back of my hand 😉

  2. I’ve been blogging since August 2011, and I love it. I had no idea how time consuming it would be. The big bloggers deserve to be the big bloggers because they put a TON of time and effort into every picture, post, tutorial, giveaway.
    Admittedly, when my schedule fills up with kids, husband, house, etsy, and the booth I rent…the blog is the first thing I have to put on the back burner. I totally bums me out because I enjoy it so much.
    Thanks for the great ideas and tips.

  3. Thanks so much for this information! Very helpful to me as a new blogger trying to get my feet wet!

  4. Great post Shannon. Build great CONTENT and they will come. Slow and steady wins the race. 🙂

  5. Kara says:

    All great advice! It is hard to not compare, so you can never hear this type of advice too many times. I am slowly tackling these areas for my blog. Now I just need to get my ideas all organized so I can build that great content. Thanks!

    • Madigan Made says:

      Kara, I agree… it is hard not to compare and get distracted by what other bloggers are doing. But I find that when I stop looking around and focus on my blog and content, it always helps!

  6. Morgan says:

    This was really helpful, as a new blogger I often wonder how my blog will evolve and if i should be doing more now to have more content. But this makes me feel good about my strategy of blogging quality not quantity. Also love the advice not to compare to others – although I do wonder about volumes that other blogs have…have you ever seen anything that gives a guide for blog volumes?

  7. Morgan says:

    PS – Pinned it 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to keep at it!

  9. katie says:

    This is so true, and great reminders on how we can keep growing as bloggers! It all doesn’t happen over night!

  10. I’ve been doing DIY projects my entire life. The main reason I started my blog was to show my friends and family my projects (so I didn’t have to try to explain them over and over) and hopefully along the way meet new folks who share the same DIY love. But you are right, you won’t have 20,000 new readers overnight. It takes time and tons of work to get a few. I’m not in it for the money since I don’t blog as my career, but I do LOVE the virtual high-fives when a reader leaves a nice comment on a project. Great article. Thanks for sharing.

    • Madigan Made says:

      I agree with you. Meeting others online that ‘get’ you and your projects is the BEST part of blogging. If you blog with that intention, others will find you and your blog will grow in time. 🙂

  11. Great article! Thanks for putting this out for all to see. Blogs rarely grow overnight, but rather have steady and slow increases. I love the idea of networking with other blogs your size. This is so crucial to helping create a ccmmuity to support and lift each other.

  12. The best part about having a blog is connecting with people who get you. I love writing for my blog, so focus on content is at the forefront. Thanks for all the great tips!

  13. I’m so glad I found this blog – through a pin on Pinterest, of course. I am a very new blogger. I’ve been thinking about it for six months or so but just took the leap about a month ago and finally got my blog up and running. Thanks for the advice!

  14. April S. says:

    Thanks so much for the great advice! I’m studying up on articles like yours as I try to build and grow my blog. So glad bloggers are an ‘eager to share’ bunch! 🙂

  15. Alyssa says:

    So there is hope at the end of the tunnel…? You mean I can get more than my mom reading my blog?? This is awesome info and thanks for the lesson from this “baby” blogger.

    • I’m right there with you Alyssa. I’m a newbie too, and I have 4 followers so far (2 of which are my husband and daughter). I was trying to get my site built up a little before I told too many people. Now that it doesn’t look so “amature” I need more followers!

  16. Elena says:

    Yes, the growth does not happen over the night, especially if you want it to stay for good.

  17. I totally agree with you about being both useful and passionate. If you’re not passionate, you won’t be motivated to write and people won’t be motivated to read.

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