Simple Blog Photography Tips

simple blog photography tips

There’s no way around it – if you are a craft blogger, you have to be a bit of a photographer too. There’s no way to show off your amazing craft skillz without some decent photos! Today at #crafterminds chat (Monday 4pm E on Twitter), we talked about photography – putting your best pic forward. All our awesome chatters shared their wisdom in the area of photography, and the tips were flying. Here are a few tips, and check the transcript for ALL that chatting goodness.

Blog Photography Tips:

  • You DON’T have to have a fancy camera to take engaging photos!
  • Making a background: Use a piece of white posterboard for a clean background.
  • Making a background: RT @HilemanHoldings: I got a tiny 3-fold display board like youd use for a science fair. Works great!
  • Photograph from lots of angles to give yourself options in the photo editing: RT @HomemadeFrontr: I find if I take a lot of pictures from a lot of angles I usually get one thats alright.
  • Fill up the viewfinder with your object.
  • Add accessories to your photo that give visual cues about the object. (aka “styling”)
  • Size & shape: RT @iLoveToCreate: Think how the photo would look square, esp. if you submit to parties! Also see if it pops when its small.
  • Learn from others: Use magazines & other blog photos as inspiration. Check out what is being pinned on @Pinterest
  • Leave space to add text to your photo: RT @craftmoore I’ve been trying to remember to leave some space in my shots where “title text” can go
  • Use daylight as your light source (skip the flash):  [email protected]: Skip harsh lighting.Daylight is your friend. Your finished product will look just as beautiful as you see it
  • Get close, but not TOO close: RT @muralmaker1: I used to get camera real close up. Now I stand back and use zoom. Much clearer pics
  • RT @HilemanHoldings Or set your camera to “flower” mode so you can get close
  • DIY Light box: RT @EclecticMamma: DIY lightbox: diaper box, cut out three sides and tape in printer paper, posterboard inside


Blog Photography Articles:


Blog Photography Tools:

  • Make or buy a light tent (like this one from Amazon) to help you with professional-looking object photos.
  • Many chatters love the Lightscoopas it helps diffuse the light from your flash into your room. Check out the results from Jen at Tatertots and Jello:

    1. no flash; 2. with flash; 3. with lightscoop

  • I LOVE the book “How to Photograph Your Baby” – so many great photo principles, and FUN to read

More tips in the chat transcript, and don’t forget to join us every Monday at 4pm Eastern for the chat!

p.s. I used some Amazon affiliate links in this article.

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