The World Doesn’t Get Bloggers: (I’m not some dork in a closet, Mom.)

So I just went to SNAP! blogging conference…and I just have to say that it’s UH-MAZ-ING. The classes were awesome. The location was awesome. The swag? Awesome. But the best part was–the best part ALWAYS IS–the people. There is no other place where a blogger can go and feel completely understood by the people she is surrounded by. No one is going to make you feel like you are this total computer nerd from the 90’s who sits in a dark room with forty computers and a headset talking to some 12-year-old in China. They GET you.

Jen Curtis from Always in Wonder attended SNAP! conference with me. It was quite a sacrifice for her to come–to leave her babies and pay for all her expenses…it wasn’t easy! When she returned, a few people made her feel like it was a waste of time. “I guess it was just really hard for me to leave a place that was so supportive of what I am doing or trying to do, and come home to people who made me feel like a loser.” Jen said.

I also felt the burn of being misunderstood, as someone I know was mocking the conference I was attending. And to me, a craft blogger of over two years, it seems crazy that someone DOESN’T understand it. It seems completely normal to me! I recently asked my own sweet dad if he’d ever visited my blog. “No,” he said, “you’ll just tell me about it.” Um, yeah Dad. That’s the same thing. Let me do a little recap of every single blog post from the last two years. Or you know, you could just VISIT MY BLOG.

Amy Anderson (Mod Podge Rocks) said that she recently visited a friend. When asked what she does, she replied, “I’m a blogger.” Dead silence. Crickets. Tumbleweeds blowing by. Is it seriously THAT hard to comprehend what it means to be a blogger?

For the record: BLOGGERS ARE AWESOME. We are powerful. We are smart. We have influence. And we know what is going on! Colleen Jorgensen of Mural Maker totally educated her 28-year-old PR whiz niece on SEO and tags. Her niece asked her how she knew all that information and she said because I’m a blogger! And then she got the stare. The blank awkward-silence stare.

Maybe the reason we know so much about Social Media is because we do these things every. single. day. And we talk! If we have a question, we ask each other. Or we ask our Facebook fans. Or we go on Twitter and ask a general question to everyone out there. And then we find out and implement. And we know how awesome we are, but the whole world outside of us seems to not understand just how awesome we are.

What can we do? Umm…probably nothing. Because the people who don’t understand us will never understand us until they decide to have an open mind and actually pay attention to what we are doing.

Or maybe when we take over the world…THEN they’ll listen to us.

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