Big DIY Blog Survey Results


First, a giant THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the survey. Every blogger that took the time to answer the questions – this survey couldn’t have been done without you… because it is all about you! And a giant THANK YOU to everyone who tweeted, facebooked, blogged, talked about, e-mailed, or otherwise shared the survey. It was amazing to see all the results come in, to see the depth of participation. Thank you!

Also thanks to my friends (you know who you are) who reviewed the initial survey, provided feedback (maybe 50+ questions on the original draft was a little much?), and listened to me whine over the last several months.  I couldn’t have gotten through this without you. Or maybe… but it wouldn’t have been as fun. Or successful.

Now, on to the results. Most of these results are presented in graph form. Feel free to use these images elsewhere provided you: leave the watermark, provide credit, and link back.

The Rundown

There were a total of 359 completed surveys. Of these survey respondents, 352 were female and 5 were male (I’m guessing the other 2 weren’t sure?). The majority were in their late 20’s-to late-30s, with 82 being 26-30, 89 being 31-35, and 51 being 36-40. The majority of respondents defined themselves as Craft bloggers or DIY/Home Decor Bloggers.


Most of us started blogging in the last couple years. Of those who started blogging a decade or more ago, the blog they currently define as their “main blog” was not the blog they started with.


Blogging Basics

The majority of our content is original tutorials, with Personal posts next, and Features, Giveaways, and Round-up posts coming next.


The following chart shows what kind of posts based on the size (traffic) of the blog. As you look at this chart, the left-most column is all the respondents. The second is all those who were unsure or didn’t know their traffic numbers. I find it interesting that I don’t see a specific trend as the size of the blogs increases.


Based on blog size, the frequency of blog posts. I would have guessed that larger bloggers are more likely to post more frequently, but that doesn’t seem to be entirely the case here.


This next graph is probably the most interesting to me – where traffic comes from. Each blogger was asked to select their 3 largest sources of traffic.
It looks pretty even for all of us bloggers in this niche, with Pinterest, Search Engines and Facebook representing the largest portions of traffic. Until you get to the right-most column representing the largest blogs. The segments of the column are the most equal of any of the columns, and there are less segments. This makes me think that larger bloggers get the largest amount of their traffic from specific sources, and they are putting their eggs fairly equally in all baskets. Also interesting that controllable referral sources like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and e-mail subscriptions represent the largest traffic sources for larger bloggers, where less controllable sources such as Search Engines are not as significant a source of traffic.


Social Media

Here, we show what platforms the respondents have registered themselves on, and which they choose to update most regularly.


When we look at which accounts bloggers with more traffic choose to update on a daily basis (this next chart), it looks like larger bloggers spend their social media time on three main sites: Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Blog Monetization

Most bloggers surveyed do not blog for financial gain.


Those who do monetize their blogs look at a variety of ways they can do so:


And many Ad Networks that they can be part of to achieve money-making goals.


Though 40% of bloggers surveyed, that charge for posts, require only product compensation. However, just over 50% charge between $25 and $300 per post.


It seems that regardless of the type of post, the compensation requested is fairly similar.


Most bloggers surveyed have not yet attended a conference, but many may have met each other at one of these events.

What do you get from attending a conference? Here is what respondents had to say:


More to Say

Bloggers also shared their biggest challenges


And their blogging goals for 2012.


Hopefully, you’ve learned a little about your own blog – the direction you want to take it and what you are doing compared to other bloggers. I know one thing I’ve learned – I’m definitely not alone on this blogging journey!



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