The Green-Eyed Blogging Monster



Jealousy. It happens in our real lives, and it happens online as well. We see what other people have, and we want it.

Inside, I’m guilty too. I see friends going to conferences that I wish I could go to. I see fellow bloggers getting awesome campaign opportunities, or freebies in the mail, and I get a punch in the gut that is a shot of jealousy. Because I WANT.

Luckily, the feeling passes. And here is why:

1. I am thankful for the opportunities I do get, and try to focus my energy on growing my blog, instead of on what others are doing.

2. Many of these bloggers have been in the game longer, worked harder, and grown larger than I am. They have earned it. I’m working to earn mine.

3. Every opportunity comes with a consequence. Bloggers going to conferences have to take time away from their family, that I’m not willing to do right now. Bloggers agreeing to sponsored posts are committing themselves to a deadline, and I don’t want to be saddled by tons of deadlines on my blog.

4. If I was given every awesome opportunity that is out there, I wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to shower and eat, let alone spend time with and care for my family.

5. When I see other bloggers get awesome opportunities, I’m thankful. And that thankfulness replaces the jealousy.
I’m thankful that brands are recognizing the power of blogging, wanting to work with us, and pay us for that work.
I’m thankful that conferences exist for bloggers to get to meet face-to-face, interact, and learn from each other.
I’m thankful that these things exist. Because 10 years ago, they didn’t. And the fact that they do exist now means that I might have a chance at some of them. One day.

All this combined takes away any jealousy that might have tried to eat at me, and instead leaves me feeling empowered, and thrilled to be a small part of this awesome craft blogging community.


Tell me – do you get a little jealous when you see the awesome things other bloggers get or do? How do you cope with the Green Eyed Monster?


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