The Green-Eyed Blogging Monster



Jealousy. It happens in our real lives, and it happens online as well. We see what other people have, and we want it.

Inside, I’m guilty too. I see friends going to conferences that I wish I could go to. I see fellow bloggers getting awesome campaign opportunities, or freebies in the mail, and I get a punch in the gut that is a shot of jealousy. Because I WANT.

Luckily, the feeling passes. And here is why:

1. I am thankful for the opportunities I do get, and try to focus my energy on growing my blog, instead of on what others are doing.

2. Many of these bloggers have been in the game longer, worked harder, and grown larger than I am. They have earned it. I’m working to earn mine.

3. Every opportunity comes with a consequence. Bloggers going to conferences have to take time away from their family, that I’m not willing to do right now. Bloggers agreeing to sponsored posts are committing themselves to a deadline, and I don’t want to be saddled by tons of deadlines on my blog.

4. If I was given every awesome opportunity that is out there, I wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to shower and eat, let alone spend time with and care for my family.

5. When I see other bloggers get awesome opportunities, I’m thankful. And that thankfulness replaces the jealousy.
I’m thankful that brands are recognizing the power of blogging, wanting to work with us, and pay us for that work.
I’m thankful that conferences exist for bloggers to get to meet face-to-face, interact, and learn from each other.
I’m thankful that these things exist. Because 10 years ago, they didn’t. And the fact that they do exist now means that I might have a chance at some of them. One day.

All this combined takes away any jealousy that might have tried to eat at me, and instead leaves me feeling empowered, and thrilled to be a small part of this awesome craft blogging community.


Tell me – do you get a little jealous when you see the awesome things other bloggers get or do? How do you cope with the Green Eyed Monster?


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15 Responses to “The Green-Eyed Blogging Monster”

  1. You are an amazing writer and blogger Carolina and I can totally relate to this blog post. As for me, I have had to step back and reevaluate ‘why’ I blog. Doing that gave me reassurance that I am staying on the right track!

  2. I agree with you. It’s easy to look around at other bloggers and get jealous about opportunities, size, fancy cameras — lots of things. But you’re right, we need to focus on ourselves, our own blogs, and making the best of who we are and the opportunities we have.

  3. I would not say jealous, envious is sometimes the word. Just like you said, I don’t want the deadlines holding me down, I just started and I have alot to learn before I could fill their shoes. I am grateful that I have blogs to teach me and learn from!

  4. oh wow, that’s kind of scary to admit we get jealous 🙂 When I get jealous, I just SHUT DOWN….I don’t even look at my blog for a while because I feel overwhelmed at how much work it needs to “be like those other blogs”. I do enjoy blogging though, so that is what I try to focus on. I also love that having a blog makes me get so many more projects done around the house that, if I was honest, (which it seems like I am being!) would probably not happen if I didn’t have a bunch of internet friends to show it too! One thing that really is hard is when I see tons of comments on other peoples blogs and for some reason, I never have any! It’s almost weird, I’ll even ask a question and it’s always nothing??? Oh well….. 🙂

  5. Pepper says:

    One more “thankful” to add to your list: be thankful you have a blog at all! It is my dream to have my own craft blog. I thought I’d try it, but then I didn’t even know where to begin! So, I’m totally a green eyed monster looking at everyone else’s blogs! Yay for you!!

  6. amy says:

    I got jealous when I first started blogging. It wasn’t that I didn’t want good things to happen to other people. It was more of a “when is it going to happen to me too?!!” I haven’t gotten jealous in years, because I realized a lot of the things you said. I also realized that being jealous takes time and energy away from building my own blog. Plus over time, I have gotten plenty of opportunities. To “want” everything feels greedy and ungrateful (I’m talking about myself, not referring to anyone else).

    Plus, like you said, everything has a price. I did a book, and a lot of people want to do one. I’m thankful that I got the opportunity. But if you look a little closer, it’s not as great as it appears. It’s a lot of back breaking hard work. It creatively exhausted me, and if I had a family they would have been completely neglected for months. I’m not complaining, but that’s the reality.

    I don’t think I’ve ever quoted a Bible verse in a comment before, but there is one that has stood out to me my whole life:
    For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required. — Luke 12:48

    Replace “him” with “blogger” and it is right on. 😀 I’ve found that if you work hard and take time to build up it’s not only that the opportunities come when you deserve them – they come when you are ready for them. There is a difference.

  7. Johnnie says:

    @ModPodgeAmy just replaced a word in the Bible with “blogger”. I love her.

    Great article, Carolina. All that jealously is pointless and steals joy. Now if I can just apply that to my life…

  8. Shannon Fox says:

    I just try to be really excited for all the opportunities that come to other bloggers. I am new, and would not know how or what to do with all that fanfare anyhow. I think it’s wonderful that so many companies want to work with bloggers and that it can turn into an actual, viable job =)

  9. Suzy Myers says:

    Awesome post, Carolina! And yes that jealous thing hits me now and then. But I am one that thrives on challenges, so I keep on going and hope one day to be as awesome as some of these great bloggers.


  10. Not only am I thrilled with the opportunities that blogging presents to me, including sharing my own thoughts and creative pursuits with others, but I am also really happy to have met so many crafty bloggers who have become friends, advice-givers, and supporters! Even when I studied classical flute back in college, and everyone was so competitive and cut-throat…I only ever wanted to “compete” with myself, if that makes any sense. 🙂 Life is way too short to let jealousy creep in!

  11. miranda says:

    i’ve been blogging on and off for the past 5 years–and it has never quite made it off the ground. a friend of mine just started a blog a few months ago and it took off right away. needless to say i was very upset and confused–what did she do that i didn’t do? what did she have that i didnt? i was disheartened.
    fast forward a couple of months. i still haven’t quite gotten over that green-eyed monster, but i’m channeling it in a new way. i’m trying again, this time really focusing on the content that i want to showcase as opposed to emulating the content of bloggers that i aspired to be.
    i think i will actually be officially launching my new blog tomorrow and i’m more excited about blogging than i have ever been, likely because i’m proud of the content i have up. i think the best way to deal with jealousy is to see how you can interpret what others are doing better, and make it your own.

  12. Justine says:

    Sometimes I feel like blogging is a little like high school. There are the popular kids and there are clicques. It is a waste of time to compare ourselves. That saps our creative energy and is just plain damaging.

  13. Anshu says:

    I won’t call it jealous…but I do wish sometimes that it was me.
    More often, I get excited to see what blogging can do for someone…it makes me hopeful that if I try harder and be consistent the same thing may happen for me too.
    Interesting conversation!

  14. Emilee says:

    I had a bit of an issue with jealousy this past winter I was comparing myself to every other blogger out there and it caused a lot of issues but I too stepped away and figured out what I wanted to say with my blog and with my voice and well here I am a better blogger and person for it!

    I think your right we all get a little green eyed every now and then and I think it takes time for us all to find those things that keep us grounded and happy with our selves and our blogs!

    Great post!

  15. Jen says:

    This is so true! And your personal reminders are great. When starting out, it’s very hard not to aspire to everything. I find myself wanting to be like this blogger or that one. I’m jealous of other people’s websites and branding abilities…and where did you get all those followers? I get excited when I break 100 pageviews a day and then find out that’s nothing to these Blogging Queens. Then I remember I’m just starting out. I need to take the time to grow and learn. It all takes time.

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