Career Track: Crafting a Producer’s Job

Cathie Filian & Steve Piacenza

When most people start out in blogging, they are doing it for fun, for leisure, or for a hobby, never realizing where their blog can take them. The path from a beginning blog to something much bigger isn’t quick and easy — and there are all sorts of very important lessons to learn along the way. But the day when you realize you are doing what you love — and it’s your job — is a milestone. If you are a craft blogger, there are a lot of other places you can end up.

Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza are crafters, craft TV show hosts, and also craft TV producers. Every year they work on pitching up to 40 shows to networks – not all of them crafty, but some of them! Most recently, they have been producers on TLC’s Craft Wars. In fact, Steve Piacenza is hosting the final episode of Craft Wars this Tuesday night! It has been so exciting to see crafts back on TV, and I really applaud TLC for stepping out and creating a great craft show that appeals to a wide audience.

Today, Cathie gave an extensive interview with Jennifer Perkins at BlogHer DIY, and talked all about the things that go into a producer’s job, and how she got there.

Check out the Interview with Cathie Filian on BlogHer.

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