Long Pin to Make a Short Point about Pinterest

pin from the source

You know those long pins?
The ones with all the steps for a project?
Yeah those.
There are sites that steal those images and put all the photos together in one image so you will repin it.
Then your traffic goes to these sites that JUST exist to siphon traffic
While the person who spent hours making that DIY project sits alone on her blog waiting for someone to visit.
So do us a favor
and think before you pin a long DIY graphic
because Pinterest is about inspiration
and without DIY blogs
Pinterest would be a much sadder place
Bloggers love it when you’re happy.
And we know it’s easier to just pin a long graphic
But you can be a hero
by pinning from the source.


(p.s. all these images are from my own DIY projects, so repin away!)

pin from the source

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