Long Pin to Make a Short Point about Pinterest

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You know those long pins?
The ones with all the steps for a project?
Yeah those.
There are sites that steal those images and put all the photos together in one image so you will repin it.
Then your traffic goes to these sites that JUST exist to siphon traffic
While the person who spent hours making that DIY project sits alone on her blog waiting for someone to visit.
So do us a favor
and think before you pin a long DIY graphic
because Pinterest is about inspiration
and without DIY blogs
Pinterest would be a much sadder place
Bloggers love it when you’re happy.
And we know it’s easier to just pin a long graphic
But you can be a hero
by pinning from the source.


(p.s. all these images are from my own DIY projects, so repin away!)

pin from the source

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14 Responses to “Long Pin to Make a Short Point about Pinterest”

  1. Great post! Those extremely loooong pins have always been an irritant to me. I had no idea that there are sites purposely doing that.

  2. Michelle L. says:

    Amen! Cute way to deliver a spoonful of medicine, Heather!

  3. Since I pin and follow mainly crafts’ boards I hate when I see lots of long long long skinny pin cluttering up my screen. I even made a pin of “Please Do Not Pin Tutorials from Duitang – they are stealing tutorials”. But I’ve found people are too lazy to find the original tutorial (the one WITH instructions). Really frustrating. The one I hate the most that I’ve seen over and over again is the ragehaus wood burning wax seal(duitang stole 2 tutorial to make their skinny one). The original is here:

  4. Yvette says:

    Great post, and thanks for the long pin to get attention. I pinned it.

    I’m confused though. Why do they want to siffon traffic? What’s their gain? I hope I never see any of my tutorials stolen like that.

  5. Rebekah says:

    Exactly how I feel. Thanks for this post!

  6. Jac says:

    I had no idea that those long pins were stolen. Going to remove them today and tomorrow because I have a few. Thanks for telling me.

  7. Shannon Fox says:

    Sharing and pinning!! Also nice if pinners would not copy/paste the tip, trick or instructions in the description, no reason to come visit if they spill all the details 🙁

  8. Tanya says:

    Good to know! I normally sift through and just pin the individual ideas I like but I know I’ve pinned a long one or two. It won’t happen again. Bloggers seem to be the ones who keep Pinterest so exciting, the least we can do is repay them by visiting their site. My complaint with pinners is that many pin without ever checking to see if the link is valid in the first place! I click the link the link and will search until I find the right one if necessary then pin it from there instead of repinning the bad link. In reply to Shannon, I visit the site even if the instructions are in the comment area because if it interests me enough to pin then I want to see the details and see what else the I hope others will also. Perhaps we need to create a “Pinterest Etiquette” pin!

  9. Thanks for the info! I didn’t realize that was happening.

  10. Yair says:

    This is a great infographic!

    I really feel for bloggers who put in all the work and their posts are stolen like this. It’s terrible!

    One solution is to add the no-pin code to your images

    Of course, this means that you are foregoing any pinterest traffic to your site from that image, but there are alternative sites that can drive lots of traffic, especially for bloggers. One example is Hometalk ( They even have a FB group for bloggers who post on their site, where they share tips and help each other out. I’ve seen numerous blogs that are really gettign into Hometalk, even adding it to their social buttons next to FB and Twitter (like here: and here: )

    Thanks again for the heads up and for looking out for your fellow bloggers. I’m definitely going to pin the infographic. BTW why don’t you have a ‘Pin it’ button?

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