Don’t Let Blogging Ruin Your Life

Blogging is a tough business. On paper it seems so simple, similar to a diet. Eat right and exercise and the weight comes off –  or post an entry to your blog and get readers. Simple. If you blog it, they will read it, right?


Most of us started our blog to share our creative journey. We started writing as an outlet. It is simply a hobby, something to do while the kids are napping. It is a place that we can connect with other creative minds and share stories.

Then, you discovered link parties, and someone discovered your blog! You have received your first feature and you have officially been bitten with the blogging bug.

Slowly, blogging starts creeping into every aspect of your life. Everyone and everything becomes a potential blog post. Nothing is safe anymore.

At some point you (or your husband) may ask the question “is blogging ruining my life?” Very few may actually admit to it, but it has probably come up at least once. I know I have questioned myself after a tantrum erupted from a few spaghetti jars had been thrown away “by accident.” How someone can not see the potential in spaghetti jars I will never know.

If you are one of the few (or many) who have questioned the interference of blogging in your real life than I think the e-book “Find Balance in Blogging” by Selina Hoit is just what the doctor prescribed. I received this e-book at the end of August and I have slowly integrated her tips and techniques into my daily schedule. After just a few pages I have been inspired and a little less strung out.

Through her book I have learned the value of prioritizing tasks and balancing my home.

Selina gives you tips on how to grow your blog, set goals that are right for you, and how to become the best blogger that YOU can be.

She has inspired me to get back to the basics of why I started blogging. I have realized that I am the one who controls my blog and it is up to me to determine my path.

In this e-book you will learn about:

  • Scheduled Posts
  • Coming Up with a Plan
  • Being Realistic and NOT comparing
  • Prioritizing
  • Being at Peace and Being Yourself

If you are a new blogger looking to make an entrance into the blogging scene or a veteran who feels a little lost, I think this e-book is a great place to start.

To order your copy of “Find Balance in Blogging: How to Not Let Blogging Ruin Your Life” you can follow this link.

Selina Hoit blogs at Creative Juices Decor about creating a fabulous home on a budget.

Ginger Walls is the blogger behind Literally Inspired where she writes about books, diy/craft projects, and every day living.

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