Should I Add Text to My Photos?

Should I Add Text to my Photos?
You’ve created a fabulous tutorial, taken a bunch of pictures, and even done step by step shots to illustrated things for your readers. You’re ready to upload your post, and then you remember that Sally said that you should add text to your photos to make them more “pinnable”.

So you go through and you add colorful eye catching words that describe your project to all of your photos. Looks great, right?

Now you submit your post to sites such as Craftgawker, Fun Family Crafts, Craft Gossip, and/or Knock Off Decor and what happens? Rejected. But why? Sally said that you should add text to your photos didn’t she?

True, somewhat. Sally was correct when it comes to Pinterest. Statistics are revealing that images that are A) long and narrow, B) clear and colorful and C) have nonintrusive explanatory text on them get pinned more. However, feature sites prefer “clean” images, and some require they be watermark-free as well.

So what are your options?

Most people pin the first image in the collection that is displayed to them. Therefore, you want your desired pinnable graphic, the one with the words on it, to be at the top of your post. That way it appears in the Pinterest image selection box as the first option and is more likely to be pinned.

You’ll want to select another photo, preferably at a different angle or with an alternate background from the first one, and leave that one “clean”. Watermarking is of course acceptable, but keep the text off of at least one photo that feature sites may wish to highlight you with.

Be mindful when submitting your craft photos to feature sites. Some, such as Knock Off Decor, don’t allow watermarks on the photos they feature. Craftgawker is also a watermark-free site, and it’s best to submit the exact dimensions of 250×250 (pixels) to them so that their software doesn’t resize your photo for you. Their program can cause a decrease in quality of the image or can crop it poorly. That in turn can cause your photo to be rejected. Fun Family Crafts allows for watermarks, but has recently changed their policy on images with text, moving toward clean images only.

Keep in mind when using text on your photos not to overwhelm the viewer. Don’t cover up your subject, and use colors that stand out but don’t blind you. Complimentary colors, short and to the point text, and a great photo can go a long way to inviting someone to visit your site.

For great suggestions on how to properly position your watermark and text on photos, visit this article on Crafterminds. Remember, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add text to your photos, just try to dedicate one clean finished shot per post. Here are 5 reasons you may want to add text to your photos.

If traffic and more visitors are what you’re after, catering to other sites and their preferences, especially ones that can send you mega traffic, can be in your best interest. So until the next social media giant comes along, remember, pinnable and clean are two different things.

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