Are you Active Enough on Social Media?

Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. Google Plus. I’m on them all. I spend time there. But am I being active?

Recently I challenged myself to become more active on my Social Media Channels. This meant actual activity. Not just popping into Facebook, reading my timeline, and commenting in my favorite groups, or hopping on to Twitter to share a link to my recent post. I challenged myself to be active. Here is the list I gave myself:

Post 1-2 page updates per day.
Pin at least 10 projects from other people each day (repins don’t count)
Repin at least 10 projects I love
Pin at least 2 older posts of mine that haven’t gotten much love
RT, Comment on, or reply to 5 tweets each day
Stumble Upon:
Stumble at least 10 posts from other people each dayGoogle+
Spend 10 minutes going through my stream. +1 anything that I like
Check into the communities I have joined

While I’m out doing these social media activities, I tend to try for more. There is a little personal promotion, but the focus here is to be social. After all, it is social media.

After a week of pushing myself to be actively social on my favorite Social Media Channels, you can see what happened to my stats:

forced social media activity

I must ask myself… why didn’t I start this sooner?

Are you keeping active on Social Media?

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