How to Monetize Your Craft Blog with Sister Diane

Monetize Your Craft Blog

Whenever I get questions from people about how to make money blogging, I give them the link to Crafterminds to get them started — let them read back over the archives for awhile to get a great overview of how to blog for money. Attending the #crafterminds chat and joining a mastermind group are also great ways to learn. But as for more in-depth information, I recommend making a small investment in craft blogging, perhaps in an online class. Sister Diane of Craftypod has a class coming up: “Monetize Your Craft Blog,” which is very reasonably priced and is designed to take you from zero to a plan for monetization in just a few weeks.

Why I recommend this class: No, I haven’t taken it, but I have looked at the overview which is very well-presented, and more importantly, I know Sister Diane personally and she is generally one of the most thoughtful and methodical craft bloggers out there. She’s organized, intelligent, and a great teacher.

Here’s a quote from someone who has attended the class:

” I would suggest this class to anyone who has been writing a blog for awhile and wonders “What next?”, but also to someone who is interested in starting a business and isn’t sure if blog content would support their marketing efforts.” – Jennifer Greer, Quiltin’ Jenny

Monetize Your Craft Blog is a three-week class that takes place in a private online space. Here’s how it works:

  • Each week of class, you’ll have a variety of lessons in the form of text, audio, video and downloadable worksheets.

  • You can get one-on-one help from your teacher via email, and work with your classmates through our class forum and lesson comments.

  • In addition, we’ll have one live chat session each week of class. These are loose question-and-answer sessions where you can get to know your classmates and share your thoughts. The people you meet in this class can become important contacts later as you’re implementing your money-making plans.

To find out more about the class, and register, visit: Monetize Your Craft Blog.

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