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Google + isn’t new. But many of us haven’t spent much time there. With Twitter becoming increasingly spammy, and Facebook monetizing to the point that only a fraction of our fans see what we have to say, it makes sense to learn about Google+. We’re dedicating the month of February to helping DIY bloggers fall in love with Google+.  Here is the hangout schedule for the month:

  • 2/4/2013: Google+ an introduction
  • 2/11/2013: Google+ Hangouts
  • 2/18/2013: Google + Communities
  • 2/25/2013: Integrating Google + into your blog plan

But WAIT! There is MORE! Our regular chats are on Twitter, and we’ll have these chats on Twitter… and Google+! Wait, how are we going to do that? We are going to Twitter chat while simultaneously broadcasting a Hangout On Air! Colleen, our resident Google+ expert, a couple of us Crafterminds, and someone from Google will all be chatting live on Google while we chat on Twitter. It is a Social Media Smorgasboard! You’ll be able to listen, watch, read, and interact all in real time!

We’re super excited about this, and hope you’ll be able to join us!

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7 Responses to “Learn all about Google+”

  1. Bev Ritch says:

    Hello and thanks for sharing your information about Google+. I find Google to be so confusing and am struggling to understand how to make it work best for me. It is difficult for me to concentrate on long reading materials due to ever changing activities in my household, so that certainly doesn’t help. As hard as I have tried, I just haven’t gotten the hang of it. I “thought” Google+ and the Blogger site are related. Now I am not so sure…LOL I get so many pages open trying to figure it all out that it confuses me even more. Any suggestions?

    • amy says:

      Hi Bev,

      Google + is owned by Google, as is Blogger – but they are two different platforms. Blogger is for writing blogs, though your Blogger profile can be attached to Google + (as can your FB profile, your Twitter, etc.). We really suggest coming to the Twitter chats on this post starting in February – I think it will help to clear some things up for you and then you can ask questions!

  2. Aunt Peaches says:

    I am glad y’all are doing this. I have made a couple of feeble attempts to dip my toes in the G+ waters but never went further. Don’t know why, but I feel it is overwhelming 9and I usually don’t have that reaction to new technology!) so I am sure glad for all the help I can get!

  3. Sherry Brumit says:

    Brand new to this so I need a little help here. What exactly is Google+ Hangouts?

  4. Tammy says:

    I missed the 2/25 chat. Is their any place I can read a transcript or possibly watch a hangout on this subject?

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