52 Things to Post About {When You Don’t Know What to Post About}

52 things to post about

We all have those moments when we don’t know what to blog about, but need to write a post. You want to write a post. Maybe you are just staring at the keyboard. Maybe you need some content to fill between sponsored posts. Maybe life is crazy and you just need to get lost in blogging for a little while. Whatever the case may be, here is a list of ideas to get you started. Some of these might not be a good fit for your blog, but you should be able to find several post ideas that you can adapt for your own needs.

1. Picture of your worktable right now
2. Picture of a project in progress
3. Photos from a recent shopping trip and what you’re planning on making
4. Round-up of your favorite recent tutorials you’ve done
5. Round-up of tutorials from other blogs you want to try
6. Round-up of upcoming holiday tutorials from your blog and others
7. Round-up of things you’d love to make but don’t know how (yet)
8. Round-up of projects you’ve made with a certain item (ModPodge, glitter, paint, fabric, etc.)
9. Round-up of your favorite bloggers or new blogs you’ve started following
10. Reminder post on all the other places people can find you (social media and other blogs you write on)
11. Recent tweets and what is going on with you (encourage new twitter followers)
12. Recent instagrams and what is going on with you (encourage new instagram followers)
13. Recent Facebook posts and what is going on with you (encourage new facebook followers)
14. Recent pins and what has been inspiring you lately (encourage new Pinterest followers)
15. People you follow on Pinterest and why you love their pins
16. A post about your favorite color, with photos/projects in that color (and links back)
17. A post about your favorite thing to make or technique with photos/projects using that technique (and links back)
18. Pictures of unfinished projects, and your plans to complete them
19. Personal post about a recent family trip
20. Personal post about a moment in time you want to capture or share
21. Personal post about one of your kids/pets and what makes him/her special (with multiple kids/pets, do one each week)
22. Personal post of how you and your spouse met
23. Personal post of why you started blogging, and/or why you keep blogging
24. Personal post about your goals for the year (and your progress towards these goals
25. Personal post about the person who helped you develop your love of crafting
26. Five things my kids learned from me (that I wish they hadn’t)
27. Five things you didn’t know about me
28. Five things I love about my… (house, town, car, etc.)
29. Five craft supplies I really want to try (but haven’t yet)
30. Favorite family or go-to recipe. With a family recipe, a photo of the worn recipe card is lovely.
31. List of recipes you’re using this week, links back to the posts
32. Picture of an item in your pantry, and a round-up of recipes you could make with that ingredient
33. Picture of an item in your house you love, and the story of where it came from/why you love it
34. Picture of your favorite DIY gift you’ve been given
35. Photos of the decor in your house (holiday or non-holiday)
36. Photos of your messy house (bloggers aren’t perfect)
37. Share family traditions about holiday/birthday
38. Photo of the craft supply/tool you couldn’t live without, why you love it, and links to projects using that item
39. Review a craft product (new, new to you, or one you love)
40. Review a craft book from your stash
41. Stash mash-up: Pick 3 items from your stash and make something (post even if it is a fail)
42. Stash giveaway: pack a flat-rate box with stuff from your stash and run a giveaway
43. Go to and make a pinnable graphic of your favorite quote or saying
44. Google “craft challenge” and challenge yourself to enter an upcoming online challenge
45. Create a post answering a reader question or question(s)
46. Re-make an old tutorial and share the new version, along with any adjustments you made in the creation
47. Share a video from YouTube that you love (imbed it in the post)
48. Your favorite blogging resource on a topic (photography, photoshop, video making, etc)
49. Books on my nightstand (what I’m reading right now)
50. 10 guilty pleasures
51. Photo of your outfit for the day or outfits for the week
52. Create 10 questions you’d like to ask your readers and ask them to reply in the comments

Want even more ideas? Check out this FREE printable from Mad In Crafts: 50 Writer’s Block Busting Blog Prompts

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