2014 Big DIY and Craft Blogger Survey

big DIY blogger survey

Almost exactly two years ago, we created a big DIY Blogger Survey to gather some information on Craft and DIY bloggers. We had over 350 responses that helped us understand ourselves better. Two years later, blogging has changed – and I’m not just talking about Facebook’s algorithm. Or the changes Google has made to SEO. As a blogging community, we’ve changed as the internet has changed.

This year, we’re looking to get even more craft and DIY bloggers involved, so we’ve partnered with the awesome team over at SNAP. (THANK YOU!)

These 30 questions should take you 10 minutes or less to answer. We’ll be taking responses through April 23rd. Please share this link with all the other creative bloggers you know. Tweet, Facebook, Pin, Google + and even blog about it if you are so inclined.

By the end of May, I’ll post the results of the survey. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me – [email protected] (or @craftmoore on Twitter if you’d rather).



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I took 10 minutes to take the DIY & Craft Blogger survey! Let’s learn more about our niche! #DIYSurvey

Take the DIY & Craft Blogger survey! Just 10 minutes to learn more about craft bloggers! #DIYSurvey

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