Ask Amanda: Facebook, Twitter and Traffic, Oh My!

Social media is where it’s at. It used to be that audiences were fairly silent. After all, you couldn’t really give immediate feedback to a television show or radio program, aside from changing the channel. Sure you could write a letter, or even an email, but who knew if you would ever get a response. Perhaps you’ve eagerly scoured the “Letters to the... read more

Ask Amanda: What time of day should I post?

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Ask Amanda: How Often Should I Post?

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Ask Amanda: Blogging a Cause for Free?

Brands are contacting bloggers more and more these days, asking us to write about their newest product or latest contest. PR companies are inundating our mailboxes with their requests for book reviews, product samplings, event exposure and even asking us to create projects or try a recipe. Most of the time it’s easy to decide how to respond, but what happens when that situation... read more


Mission The mission of Crafterminds is to connect bloggers who focus on DIY, handmade, and arts & crafts markets with each other, and give them tools to take their blogs from hobby to business. This blog is done as a service to the craft niche blogging community. Disclosure: we are mostly non-monetized, although we have a couple affiliate badges for programs we... read more

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