How to Clean Up and Optimize Pinterest

I’ve been using Pinterest for awhile now. I’m not an expert (last time I checked you can’t get a degree in it), but I’ve been on Pinterest long enough to share some insight on cleaning up and optimizing your account. Why do you need to do this? Well, maybe you’re a blogger who, like me, started your Pinterest account before you really knew what you were... read more

Stop Judging Other Bloggers

I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend in the craft/DIY community that I’m not okay with. There seems to be a huge influx of bloggers judging other bloggers verbally, on social media and in blog posts. It seems everyone has an opinion not only about their own blog these days, but about everyone else’s. I’m hearing a lot of comments like the... read more

Secrets to Becoming a Big Blogger

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when I started blogging – which was 2008 – and what has changed since that time. In April of 2008 I started Mod Podge Rocks, and in January 0f 2012 I quit my job to be a blogger and writer full time. It’s crazy! I never anticipated any of this, but it happened. Beyond divine intervention (which I do believe was a part of... read more

Why You Might Need to Change Your Watermark Style

Hello. It’s Amy. And I’m here to talk to you about watermarking photos. Before anyone gets defensive, you should know that I totally get it. You want to protect your pictures on the internet. You worked hard, you sacrificed family time, and you had 3 craftfails before you came up with the PERFECT project – and then you took a great shot of it! You do not want anyone... read more

The Top 5 Things I Wish I’d Known About Being a Craft Blogger

I’ve been blogging for four years now (three years “officially”), and I would love to go back to the beginning and start over. I would kick butt. I’m not sure at what, though! But seriously, I’ve learned so much, and I’d love to share some things that I wish I would have known at the beginning. It might help some of you who are new – and if... read more

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