Getting Inspired Twitter Chat Recap 1.16

One of the hardest things to do as a craft blogger is get inspired. Sounds crazy, right? Not really. We blog day after day, create day after day, and sometimes it just gets to be overwhelming. So how do you jump start the creativity, especially when you don’t have any? Here were a few suggestions: Craft shopping Nature walks Window shopping Pinterest Crafty hangouts Antique... read more

Why Pinterest Makes Me Want to Cry (Sometimes)

Let me start by saying I do NOT hate Pinterest. I’m a user and I will continue to be a user. Pinterest does a lot of good: inspires a lot of people and can promote creativity. But sometimes Pinterest makes me want to cry. Here’s why. ——- When Pinterest started early last year, I got an invitation in my e-mail box. I believe it was from of my readers.... read more

Blogging For Bucks: Getting Paid to Write Online

Heather wrote a great post yesterday about why readers don’t like it when bloggers make money. I started writing in the comments, and then I realized I had enough to say to write a blog post, so here I am. The truth is, sometimes our readers get upset when bloggers get paid. Heather did a great job recapping some of the reasons why.  As someone who works at a full-time job and... read more

News Flash: I Can’t Find Anything on Your Blog

Let’s pretend for a second. I’m just a random person – a creative person.  I like crafts, home decor, DIY . . . you name it. And I like your blog.  I visit it regularly to get great ideas and see your newest projects, like the tray you made from pipe cleaners.  Now I’m ready to see some other projects.  The problem is, your blog isn’t easy to search... read more

Learn How: Using for URL Tracking

Did you know that with, you can track clicks on a link?  You probably want to know what I’m talking about – and why you would want to do that.  Let me give you a real life example from my blog so that you understand what is used for.  And how awesome it is. I recently did a post about The Original Scrapbox.  I love the company and the product.  Here is... read more

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