52 Things to Post About {When You Don’t Know What to Post About}

We all have those moments when we don’t know what to blog about, but need to write a post. You want to write a post. Maybe you are just staring at the keyboard. Maybe you need some content to fill between sponsored posts. Maybe life is crazy and you just need to get lost in blogging for a little while. Whatever the case may be, here is a list of ideas to get you started. Some... read more

Are you Active Enough on Social Media?

Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. Google Plus. I’m on them all. I spend time there. But am I being active? Recently I challenged myself to become more active on my Social Media Channels. This meant actual activity. Not just popping into Facebook, reading my timeline, and commenting in my favorite groups, or hopping on to Twitter to share a link to my recent post. I challenged... read more

Learn all about Google+

Google + isn’t new. But many of us haven’t spent much time there. With Twitter becoming increasingly spammy, and Facebook monetizing to the point that only a fraction of our fans see what we have to say, it makes sense to learn about Google+. We’re dedicating the month of February to helping DIY bloggers fall in love with Google+.  Here is the hangout schedule for... read more

Setting Blog Goals for 2013

We are a third of the way into January… and if you haven’t already set your blog goals for 2013, it isn’t too late! You can still declare the year as yours. Set your compass to where you want to arrive by December. If you’ve already set your goals, you are perfectly in your rights to modify them. Perhaps the ambitions of midnight on December 31st have been... read more

The Green-Eyed Blogging Monster

  Jealousy. It happens in our real lives, and it happens online as well. We see what other people have, and we want it. Inside, I’m guilty too. I see friends going to conferences that I wish I could go to. I see fellow bloggers getting awesome campaign opportunities, or freebies in the mail, and I get a punch in the gut that is a shot of jealousy. Because I WANT. Luckily,... read more

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