#Crafterminds Chat – going on hiatus

Today we would like to announce that we are going to put #crafterminds chat on indefinite hiatus starting in November. It is an awesome resource, and we love the chat, but I am personally hosting most of the chats and I am burned out. While I LOVE mentoring people and giving of myself, I am out of personal energy and enthusiasm to give. I’m sure most of our loyal chatters will... read more

How to Get Lots of Paid Blogging Gigs

Blogging is a unique profession. Many of us started as hobby bloggers, documenting our lives and craft projects for fun. Our readers responded, and our traffic began to climb, and slowly, we realized we had something pretty special going on here. Taking your blog from hobby to business is not for everyone, and I don’t recommend that EVERYONE make the leap. But that’s not... read more

Long Pin to Make a Short Point about Pinterest

You know those long pins? The ones with all the steps for a project? Yeah those. There are sites that steal those images and put all the photos together in one image so you will repin it. Then your traffic goes to these sites that JUST exist to siphon traffic While the person who spent hours making that DIY project sits alone on her blog waiting for someone to visit. So do us a... read more

Career Track: Crafting a Producer’s Job

When most people start out in blogging, they are doing it for fun, for leisure, or for a hobby, never realizing where their blog can take them. The path from a beginning blog to something much bigger isn’t quick and easy — and there are all sorts of very important lessons to learn along the way. But the day when you realize you are doing what you love — and... read more

GooglePlus Blog Hop! Aug 4th

I’m Shasta from the blog, In The Old Road.  I’m joining crafterminds today to share my first Google+ blog hop.  I got the idea for hosting a Google+ blog hop during one of the crafterminds twitter chats.  It was then that I realized what  impact Google+ could have on the blogging community.  The potential of blog and small business growth with the use of Google+ is... read more

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