Nine Ways to Make the Most of Your Post

You just spent hours creating, editing, and writing a brilliant and original tutorial.  You hit “Publish” and now what?  It’s really exciting to sit back and wait for comment to come in.  But do you know what is MORE exciting?  When that post is featured by bigger bloggers or goes viral on Pinterest and you get a huge spike in traffic and a bunch of new... read more

The World Doesn’t Get Bloggers: (I’m not some dork in a closet, Mom.)

So I just went to SNAP! blogging conference…and I just have to say that it’s UH-MAZ-ING. The classes were awesome. The location was awesome. The swag? Awesome. But the best part was–the best part ALWAYS IS–the people. There is no other place where a blogger can go and feel completely understood by the people she is surrounded by. No one is going to make you... read more

Create your own watermark in Photoshop

Hello again!  If you join in the weekly Monday twitter chats (#crafterminds), this last week we talked about photography!  Photography is a HUGE HUGE HUGE part of craft blogging and we could all go on and on about it.  But one thing we all agree on:  You MUST watermark your photos!!  Especially with Pinterest these days, you need to claim ownership of your photos where all can... read more

Getting Personal on Your Craft Blog

Here at Crafterminds, we cater to craft bloggers–bloggers who write about their crafts, projects, furniture makeovers, etc.  And when you are a craft blogger, it is a good idea to blog about crafts on a regular basis.  But every now and then, I think it’s okay to get personal. And for me, ‘every now and then’ seems to be at least once a week. For 2012, I made... read more

Why A Lack of Comments Isn’t a Lack of Love

You are a blogger. If you aren’t, I’m not sure why you are reading this article. But feel free to pretend you ARE a blogger. It’s a pretty awesome thing to be. Okay, back on track. You are a blogger. You spend countless hours on your projects, putting together posts, editing pictures, writing brilliant content, and clicking Publish. Then you sit back and wait for the... read more