Secrets to Grow Your Blog Magically Overnight

Photo: Mae’s “Beanstalk” by Tony Crider, on Flickr   What is the secret to creating a HUGE blog? How can you grow your blog quickly? These are common questions and hot topics, especially among new bloggers. People want to grow their blog fast and they are eager to make money doing it. I’m sorry if the title of this post mislead you a little. Were you... read more

Are You Overwhelmed By Blogging Advice?

There are countless posts and blog sites eager to tell to what you should and should not do as a blogger.  And sometimes these posts present their advice in clear absolutes. “You need to do this in your posts.” or “Don’t forget to always do that on your blog.” Now, I do find blogging tip articles valuable and I do think  it is important to read them if you blog. But that... read more

So You Want a “Fancy” Template on Blogger?

We all know the importance of a good blog design. Your blog should give new readers a great first impression and the layout should be clean, professional and easy to navigate. But let’s face it, Blogger blogs are often limited in their layout options. This is especially true if you use a standard/free template provided by Blogger. Don’t get me wrong… the layouts are basic and... read more

Do You Follow the Latest Crafty Trends?

via Are you a {trend} follower? Do you ever find yourself jumping on a trend bandwagon? Well, I have to confess. I did. And I regret it. I made a project because it might be neat to blog about it. And it was not my taste. It was supposed to be a cheap chip-n-dip tray turned beach ball door hanging. I said to myself: “Cool! This is perfect for summer door decor and... read more

Five Reasons to Add Words to Your Craft Photos

Do you add text to your blog photos? Ever wonder if you should? I would venture to say that most of us are visual learners. You’ve heard it before: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Would adding words to your photo make it worth two thousand words? This is a debatable question and also a personal style choice. Most people scan your blog post and do not read... read more