Write an A+ Tutorial Part Two

photo by Ant Smith Welcome to the second part of my Write an A+ Tutorial series.  In Part One, I explained how a teacher’s lesson plan parallels with the process of writing a successful tutorial and overviewed the four elements of  lesson plan: Introduction, Objective, Materials, and Procedure.  Part Two will focus on the procedure and how to write the step-by-step of your... read more

Write an A+ Tutorial

  photo by Ant Smith Some of my readers already know that I am actually a teacher by training, an English teacher to be exact.  I spent five (yes, five) years in college researching educational strategies, reading novels, plays, textbooks and journals, and writing SOOOOOOO many papers.  I also created hundreds of lesson plans. Lesson plans are the written guidelines teachers... read more

Miss Manners: Pinterest -Style

For many Pinterest users, proper etiquette isn’t such a big deal.  They are just pinning images they think are funny, pretty, or awesome and that’s where it ends. But for the DIY community, our intentions need to inform our actions.  Because when a crafter pins something she is intending to use that idea as inspiration for a craft OR because she is going to make that exact... read more

Hosting a Linky Party

Have you ever wondered what goes into throwing a successful linky party?  As it happens, throwing a linky party isn’t all that different from hosting a dinner party. After reading, Carolina Moore’s fantastic post on correct Linky Party Etiquette, I started thinking about the other side of the coin: hosting a party.  Her dinner party analogy plays here too.  If you are... read more