Don’t Let Blogging Ruin Your Life

Blogging is a tough business. On paper it seems so simple, similar to a diet. Eat right and exercise and the weight comes off –  or post an entry to your blog and get readers. Simple. If you blog it, they will read it, right? Wrong. Most of us started our blog to share our creative journey. We started writing as an outlet. It is simply a hobby, something to do while the kids... read more

Make a Custom Watermark Brush in Photoshop

With pinterest getting so popular these days, it is more important than ever to protect our photos. A good way to do that is to watermark your pictures. My favorite way of watermarking is by making a brush in photoshop. It’s pretty easy. Let me show you how. Start by opening a new project. Now it’s time to get creative. Design your watermark. You can use whatever fonts... read more

How to Take Amazing iPhone Photos

I’m a no-frills, low tech kinda gal. Too many camera buttons can put me into a tail spin, and something extra to carry will inevitably be left behind. So, my camera of choice is something that I always have on hand…. My iPhone! Now, to give you some background, point and shoot is my style. I like to keep things super simple. After playing around with the iPhone camera, I... read more

4 Mistakes Bloggers Make

We just can’t be bloggy friends. I am so sorry, really, and I hate to break it to you… but it’s not me. It’s you. by Bloggers Anonymous I want to love you. I want to head over to your blog and instantly be motivated, captivated, and inspired. You have some wonderful ideas, you seem like an amazing person, and I think if we met in real life, we could be... read more

Why You Need to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Bloggers

Imagine this scenario: You are browsing the blogosphere and find yourself reading a blog post. Suddenly, your eyes are averted by that little sidebar widget that tells how many followers the blogger has. Or you see that a blogger you follow has been chosen as the “Ambassador of a Really Cool Brand.” You are shocked, you are miffed, but most of all you feel those bubbling... read more

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