Five Things I Wish I’d Known About Blogging

I started Today’s Creative Blog 5 years ago. Like many things in my life, I jumped in with both feet without a plan. Blogs weren’t what they are “nowadays.” Most had a simple template via Blogger or Typepad. I didn’t even know how to link to someone without placing their entire web address. Oh the things I’ve learned. Blogging has come a long way... read more

Writing a Kick Butt About Page

If you don’t have an About Page, you need to write one. Right now. The About Page is an essential part of your blog; without it, your readers won’t be sure exactly who you are or what your blog is about. With a great About Page, you can convert casual readers into loyal ones, and loyal readers into rabid fans. Here are some steps to begin with, by our special guest Tiffany... read more

Blogger Confessions, Volume One

Bloggers aren’t perfect people. Many of you reading this are here because you are involved in crafts or DIY, and part of the goal of a blogger in this genre is to make things (homes, crafts, recipes) look perfect. After all, that is what inspires people, and we are in the business of inspiration. I recently collect some confessions from craft and DIY bloggers, mostly because I... read more

The 411 – Crafty Competitions Online

Do you know there are all sorts of crafting competitions around blogland?  If you have ever wanted to craft along with a blog star, win big prizes for your crafting talent, or get big recognition for your crafts…you might just want to join in!  Here are some of the big competitions that are out there . . . So You Think You’re Crafty: 10 weeks.  10 crafters.  Great... read more

How to Blog to Reach Your Readers

Heidi Ferguson surveyed a group of blog readers to find out their habits regarding reading craft blogs, the level of reader participation in blog promotions, and their habits regarding social media (Facebook, etc.). Here she shares the survey results, as well as some conclusions she has drawn that can help us understand our readers and reach them the way they want to be reached. How... read more

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