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Google+ Crafting Communities

Today in our Crafterminds Chat, we talked about Google+ Communities. Different than you personal profile in Google+, and your blog’s page in Google+, a community is just that – a community. A meeting place for like-minded individuals who want to share information, ask questions, and communicate around a specific topic. A google+ community is an online campfire. A... read more

5 Pinterest Tools and What They Do

I started using Pinterest way back in the beginning, pretty much from the time it began. At that time, it was just a way of keeping track of items I wanted to bookmark from the internet in a cool visual format. Now that I have nearly 2000 followers and have seen the power of Pinterest in terms of driving traffic to my blog, I see it as something that goes beyond that original intent... read more

Are you Active Enough on Social Media?

Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. Google Plus. I’m on them all. I spend time there. But am I being active? Recently I challenged myself to become more active on my Social Media Channels. This meant actual activity. Not just popping into Facebook, reading my timeline, and commenting in my favorite groups, or hopping on to Twitter to share a link to my recent post. I challenged... read more

Learn all about Google+

Google + isn’t new. But many of us haven’t spent much time there. With Twitter becoming increasingly spammy, and Facebook monetizing to the point that only a fraction of our fans see what we have to say, it makes sense to learn about Google+. We’re dedicating the month of February to helping DIY bloggers fall in love with Google+.  Here is the hangout schedule for... read more

How to Clean Up and Optimize Pinterest

I’ve been using Pinterest for awhile now. I’m not an expert (last time I checked you can’t get a degree in it), but I’ve been on Pinterest long enough to share some insight on cleaning up and optimizing your account. Why do you need to do this? Well, maybe you’re a blogger who, like me, started your Pinterest account before you really knew what you were... read more

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