5 Pinterest Tools and What They Do

I started using Pinterest way back in the beginning, pretty much from the time it began. At that time, it was just a way of keeping track of items I wanted to bookmark from the...
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Are you Active Enough on Social Media?

Pinterest. Twitter. Facebook. Google Plus. I’m on them all. I spend time there. But am I being active? Recently I challenged myself to become more active on my Social Media...
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Learn all about Google+

Google + isn’t new. But many of us haven’t spent much time there. With Twitter becoming increasingly spammy, and Facebook monetizing to the point that only a fraction of...
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How to Monetize Your Craft Blog with Sister Diane

Whenever I get questions from people about how to make money blogging, I give them the link to Crafterminds to get them started — let them read back over the archives for...
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How to Clean Up and Optimize Pinterest

I’ve been using Pinterest for awhile now. I’m not an expert (last time I checked you can’t get a degree in it), but I’ve been on Pinterest long enough to...
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Setting Blog Goals for 2013

We are a third of the way into January… and if you haven’t already set your blog goals for 2013, it isn’t too late! You can still declare the year as yours. Set...
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Be Sticky: Keep Visitors on Your Site Longer

Do you ever look at your site’s stats and wonder why visitors come and go so quickly? Why do they read just one post and then bail out? You may have great content, but they...
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