How to Attract Readers

Madigan Made Rocks

Think about the craft blogs that you love. How did you find them? What first attracted you to those sites, and what keeps you coming back for more? If you could only read one blog for the rest of your life, what would it be? A few chat sessions ago, we talked about this. Here are some of your responses:

What attracts you to a blog?

dollarcraft: What draws you back to a craft blog again and again? Ideas, personality, cool pics? (for me: it’s innovation/new ideas)

Lilbrownhouse: Personality is big for me..

craftynovelist: @dollarcraft Innovative ideas, great photography, and really simple step-by-step DIYs

PosyMosey: I stay with people who seem to be doing it for fun and a creative outlet. I ditch it when it becomes a daily sales picth

modpodgerocks: Personality draws me to a blog. Let your fun side shine through – talk about your life

crafterminds: Do it because you love it!

madiganmade: What draws me to a craft blog again and again? New ideas, clear photos and clear instructions. (and a little fun, too)

Lilbrownhouse: I have to say – I can’t think of one main reason I blog – I just can’t imagine not blogging anymore – it is so much fun!

eCelebrating: I like when someone shows me a product & says “you can make this.. here’s how”

PosyMosey: I will visit a blog for the first time for a project, I stay for everything else

crafterminds: If you blog about what you love, your readers will see that and want to see more.

TonyaDiehl: @dollarcraft personality is huge 4 me! Love @Thriftydecor…she cracks me up with her style of writing. Keeps me coming back!

Being Human & CraftFails

modpodgerocks: I like to see people’s mess-ups. That is why I love @craftfail!

hiyaluv: oh fun! shows their human:)

dollarcraft: yay! everyone take pics of your #craftfails!

eCelebrating: me too! it’s how you learn

modpodgerocks: @hiyaluv Exactly! Love the human aspect.

modpodgerocks: My stiffy ball #craftfail is my favorite of all time. The balls jumped off the counter to kill themselves, they were so awful

AFOMFT: Agreed! I feel so much less inept then!

Personal posts vs. Project Posts

aisletoaloha: Personality, bits of their life, inspiration!

condoblues: @aisletoaloha Funny you say that. My slice of life posts don’t seem to do as well as my project posts

aisletoaloha: @condoblues I think project posts are my most popular too, but it’s boring (to me) to see a blog where that’s all there is.

makeandtakes: @condoblues Ditto on the personal posts. People come to M&T for the crafts 🙂 although, we’re in the crafts too

infarrantly: Let the majority of your posts stay in ur niche. but now and again gimme some of you! I love hearing about blogger’s lives

SouthernRhoda: Projects & decorating get the most comments on my blog, but readers do love to hear about YOU & your life too.

aisletoaloha: I’m turned off from craft blogs that just post new listings in their shop. Show me what inspires u, bits your life, new ideas!

aisletoaloha: @infarrantly some of my best posts are my DIY posts, but honestly, just ones from my life that ppl can relate to

PosyMosey: I think it’s best when the DIY post does relate to your life and isn’t just a “I need a tutorial up!”

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