5 Pinterest Tools and What They Do

5 Pinterest Tools and What They Do

I started using Pinterest way back in the beginning, pretty much from the time it began. At that time, it was just a way of keeping track of items I wanted to bookmark from the internet in a cool visual format. Now that I have nearly 2000 followers and have seen the power of Pinterest in terms of driving traffic to my blog, I see it as something that goes beyond that original intent and crosses over into the world of social networking and marketing. What’s more, brands I apply to work with are beginning to ask about Pinterest activity as one of their standard questions. So, now I’m seeing the need for being able to measure and track analytics for Pinterest

Just how do you do that? Pinterest doesn’t have any of their own built-in analytics. You can check Google Analytics to find out the traffic you’re getting from Pinterest but that’s really the extent of it. If you want further details on what kind of reach you have on Pinterest, you’ll need to look elsewhere. I looked at 5 tools specifically made for Pinterest analytics that might help:

1) PinReach:

What it offers: Pinreach gives you a score based on your Pinterest “popularity” based on such factors as how many followers you have, how many of your pins have been repinned, how many likes and comments you have received. It also provides graphs and stats that allow you to see such things as your popular pin history, popular boards based on repins, which of your boards have a far reach in terms of repins, followers, likes, and comments, shows your most popular pins and the number of repins each has, and tells you who your most influential followers are. It also measures the change in your Pinterest stats since your last update – pins, repins, likes, liked, followers, following, comments, boards in terms of the amount of change +/-. Not only can you check this for yourself but you can check out this information for other members too.

One of my favorite features on PinReach is that it will provide you with information on which pinners have the highest reach, what the most popular pins are, what pins are trending, and what members are trending.

How does all of this help?: By being able to see which of your pins and boards are most popular, you’ll know what kind of content your followers seem to be looking for and you can use this as a guide for future content. Having a look at those with the highest reach or members who are trending and what kinds of things they do on Pinterest as well as most popular and trending pins can give you insight into what appeals to Pinterest users overall and may be helpful in guiding your own Pinterest use and gaining more followers.

2) PinPuff:

What it offers: PinPuff gives you basic stats on followers, following, pins, boards, likes, liked, repins and based on this information it assigns you a reach score, activity score, and a virality score. PinPuff assesses each of these scores in terms of whether they are on par with the average, above or below average. Some things that make PinPuff stand out are: a) It offers PinPerks based on your scores (similar to Klout Perks – rewards of discounts, deals and free items that you can receive) b) You can see “pinfluencers” who are interested in certain topic areas c) PinPuff shows your top 20 boards and how many followers, likes, pins, and repins you have for each.

How does all of this help?: You might be rewarded with tangible items based on your Pinterest activity but at this point in time, the PinPerks are not nearly as plentiful as Klout Perks. Insight into your top 20 boards may help you to tailor your content with related or supplementary topics. By seeing other Pinfluencers in topic areas you are also interested in, you may be able to find like-minded people to connect with or gain inspiration from.

3) Repinly:

What it offers: Repinly gives you a pinterest score and ranking based on your following and activity. It also includes graphs and stats showing the most popular categories for pins and for boards on Pinterest in general as well as the average activity of popular pinners such as how many pins, boards, and how many are following. In addition, Repinly lists the top sources for pins, the top 10 pinners, and the most popular boards. Who knew that a board about elephants is #1 with over 3 million followers?

How does all of this help?: Again, knowing what is most popular on Pinterest in terms of pins and boards may give you some necessary background information for your own content and for finding topics that would guide your use of hashtags.

4) Reachli (previously known as Pinerly):

What it offers: This tool is a bit different than the others. Instead of assessing your current use of Pinterest or that of other users, with this, you can add new pins from within Reachli, giving you the ability then to track those particular pins in terms of clicks, likes, and repins.

How does all of this help?: Reachli will keep track of when (day and time) you pinned a particular item, perhaps allowing you over time to find the best time for you to pin in the future. By trying different types of pins, it may give you insight into those that are most effective in terms of grabbing the attention of your followers.

5) Pinalytics:

What it offers: Pinalytics uses Google Analytics from your site to provide you with stats such as what specific posts have been pinned, by whom, the number of visits originating from that pin, bounces and average time based on visits originating from that pin.

How does all of this help?: By finding your blog posts that are already doing well on Pinterest, you may want to promote these pins/posts further or in different ways to gain even more leverage out of them. They can also help you in choosing related content to promote. Because it tells you who pinned your posts, you’re able to go and thank these people for sharing your content and build community with followers you may not have known you had otherwise.

With Pinterest being such a high source of traffic for many creative blogs, the type of information these various measurement tools provide could be invaluable. Have you started to look at your Pinterest analytics? How have you found it helpful? I’d love to hear about your experiences with these tools or any others you might recommend.

Cyn Gagen is a professional craft designer, teacher, and social media manager.  From her webtv channel called Creative EdVentures, she shares her knowledge and skills with others with such topics as crafting, cooking, home decor, and more.  Cyn is passionate about social media and devotes a great deal of her time as social media manager and events coordinator for Charity Wings.  You can connect with Cyn through her blog Creative Cynchronicity.
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