2014 Big DIY and Craft Blogger Survey

Almost exactly two years ago, we created a big DIY Blogger Survey to gather some information on Craft and DIY bloggers. We had over 350 responses that helped us understand ourselves better. Two years later, blogging has changed – and I’m not just talking about Facebook’s algorithm. Or the changes Google has made to SEO. As a blogging community, we’ve changed... read more

One Thing You Should Tell Your Family Once They Know You Blog

... read more

Google+ Crafting Communities

Today in our Crafterminds Chat, we talked about Google+ Communities. Different than you personal profile in Google+, and your blog’s page in Google+, a community is just that – a community. A meeting place for like-minded individuals who want to share information, ask questions, and communicate around a specific topic. A google+ community is an online campfire. A... read more

Foster a Loyal Readership

Recently, Viv from the V-Spot asked several bloggers an awesome question. How do bloggers foster a loyal following? First, we have to set an arbitrary number on what a “loyal following” is. For her purposes, Viv put the number at 30%. That is to say a 30% or higher return visitor rate. That means that 70% of your visitors might be people popping over from Pinterest to... read more

Hangouts and Hangouts on Air with Google+

We’re having fun with today’s Twitter Chat again! We’ll be chatting on Twitter for an hour starting at 1pm PST, and for a half hour (from 1:15 to 1:45) we’ll simultaneously do a LIVE Google+ hangout on air! So we can chat with you while we’re tweeting with you! Today’s topic is all about Hangouts and Hangout on Airs… we’ve got several... read more

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